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Milky Way, Miniatures, 3.0 oz. Peg Bag (1 Count)

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Made with caramel, chocolate and nougat, MILKY WAY MINI Candy Bars are made for moments of delight. Keep a handful in your desk drawer for a midday pick-me-up or fill the home or office candy jar to brighten everyone’s day. And if you drift off into a daydream about chocolate satisfaction, remember, all you have to say is, 'Sorry, I was eating a MILKY WAY.' Your coworkers will understand.

Ingredients: Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Skim Milk, Chocolate, Lactose, Milkfat, Soy Lecithin, Artificial Flavor), Corn Syrup, Sugar, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil and/or Palm Oil, Skim Milk, Less than 2% - Milkfat, Cocoa Powder Processed with Alkali, Malted Barley, Lactose, Salt, Egg Whites, Artificial Flavor.