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Café Puree® Pasta Variety Pack 4 oz. (24 Count)

The Café Puree® single serve pasta variety pack provides a great assortment of texture modified foods to provide you the taste and feel of a delicious meal! The single serve, microwaveable trays make preparation easier than ever, and the visually appealing shapes deliver the look of an appetizing dinner. Café Puree® is made with real food while providing the consistency needed for texture modified diets.No MSG, egg filler or mechanically separated meat, we use great ingredients and have visually appealingshapes to create a range of appetizing purees which deliver the look, taste and aroma you’ll enjoy! Features and Specifications Store frozen at 0°F or below Meets National Dysphagia Diet Standards Aligns with IDDSI Level 4 Also suitable for mechanical soft, chopped, and ground diets Can be cooked in a steam, oven, stove top or microwave Each Variety Pack contains 8 portions of: Spaghetti with meat sauce Cheese pizza Macaroni & cheese