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Café Puree® Meat Variety Pack 3 oz. (24 Count)


The Café Puree® single serve meat variety pack provides a great assortment of texture modified foods to provide you the taste and feel of a delicious dinner! The single serve, microwaveable trays make preparation easier than ever, and the visually appealing shapes deliver the look of an appetizing meal. Café Puree® is made with real food while providing the consistency needed for texture modified diets. No MSG, egg filler or mechanically separated meat, we use great ingredients and have visually appealing shapes to create a range of appetizing purees which deliver the look, taste and aroma you’ll enjoy! Features and Specifications Store frozen at 0°F or below Meets National Dysphagia Diet Standards Aligns with IDDSI Level 4 Also suitable for mechanical soft, chopped, and ground diets Can be cooked in a steam, oven, stove top or microwave Variety Pack contains: 4 portions of: Pork Fish Turkey 6 portions of: Chicken Roast Beef